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Amazon Area
We have recalculated the area of the Amazon, based on the NASA SRTM DEM now available at reduced 3-arc-second resolution. As the shoreline is not clearly defined from the DEM, we trimmed the basin to the world shoreline distributed by the University of Hawaii.

[This is based on the preliminary 3-second DEM. Publication has been on hold since September, 2003 because Rolf would like to use other means of checking the boundary where the DEM disagrees with other maps.]

There are various ways to define the basin. The full tri-colored basin includes the southern nagivation channel, the city of Belém, and the Tocantins River. This basin has an area of 6,903,034 square kilometers.

A more popular definition of the basin (red plus green) has an area of 5,973,851 square kilometers.

A third definition would be the area upstream of the city of Óbidos, the highest point of tidal influence. It has an area of 4,692,200 square kilometers.