I have been asked to locate and import ASTER DEMs in the following areas:
- Hammersley (Australia)
20°-25° S 115°-122°30' E One found.

- SE Queensland (Australia)
26°-30°30' S 150°-154° E None found.

- Central-East Queensland (Australia)
21°30'-26° S 148°45'-152°30' E None found.

- Carajás (Brazil)
4°30'-7° S 47°30'-51°30' W Found just the one I had.

- SE Brazil
18°-23°30' S 39°-45° W Found 12.

After trying ENVI3.5 and GEOTIFF4.exe, I ended up writing my own python script. Details to follow.
10 of the Brasilian DEMs are in UTM zone23, and
two (covering the same region) in zone 24.

This is the one in (or is it near) Hammersley, Australia.

This is the Carajás ASTER DEM, shown overlapping the DEM which we produced from contour lines

These are the apparent sinks in the area. Without a site visit, I cannot tell the difference between sinkholes and data artifacts.

I have also worked with ASTER DEMs in Tibet.

Note: I have named my DEMs by extracting the year/month/day/hour/minute (but not seconds) from the NASA names, and prepending a "g".

These are a mix of version 2 and 3, and relative and abolute DEMs.

I find that SulSoft has software for creating DEMs from ASTER. details. I am looking into this.