Glacial History of Puget Sound

2011 animation of glacial advance as prepared for Milepost31. (Note, the physical Milepost31 museum was converted to a web site. When the DOT demolished the viaduct, they also demolished the web site. How odd. We have salvaged some materials, and will try to reconstruct what we can.) takes you somewhere else.)

Full 2011 version as currently seen at the Burke Museum
The YouTube copy
640-pixel version

before and after (scroll right for the present)
Click on image to download it.

This is our biggest pretty image as of 8/29/2000. It is 14535 by 11946 30-meter pixels, considerably more detailed than the gif file that you see. The data is stored in the UTM zone 10 projection, so integrating information east of 120 would be difficult.
A Tif file of this image is 12 inches high and is recorded at 200 dpi. It unzips from 8345169 bytes to 14092572 bytes. The saturation seems to have dropped in the creation of the tiff file.
and here is a version without labels

and here's a tif file for Derek

and here's a shapefile of the lobe
and Thorson's original figure from Quaternary Research Volume 13, Number 3, May 1980. (Note, Thorson maps were digitized from a bound journal article. We now have access to his original mylars, and are thinking of scanning them.)

Harvey Greenberg