The following work was done with the intention of using .1-degree gridded data for VIC. Instead, I am now using A12 PR data. However, I will assemble A25 TMI data (ungridded, but with the same swath size) for Namche Barwa.

.1-degree data:
I am looking at TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) and Precipitation Radar (PR) gridded orbital rainfall datarainfall at 0.1 degree resolution from I downloaded 367 files (2875.892 MB) for one month as a test. There are about 11 swaths per day, but the swaths are narrow. You see that

6 days does not cover our study area (86E12S-140E36N), but

7 days is sufficient. Do we want to aggregate this data to 7-day or 10-day timesteps?
I have built the tools to extract the data in any timestep:

and see detail:

Questions: Harvey Greenberg