Tsangpo River
This page was established in September of 2009 for the use of researchers at the University of Washington (Department of Earth and Space Sciences) and other institutions (e.g. University of Tennessee at Knoxville) to share data on the Tsangpo/Siang River region.

Earlier work can be seen at Himalayas, Montgomerie, Bhutan, and in Dave Montgomery's Publications
Harvey is working on River slopes

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password-protected directory
It contains a directory for uploaded data This directory is automatically indexed. The contributor or creator will eventually link to the data, with explanations, from the directory above it.
I propose a bounding rectangle of 81.96,27.7 to 97.13,31.3 degrees. This includes (with margins) everything upstream of a point 50 km downstream from the mountains. (I measure bounds on a grid, not a lattice. Coordinates are the the corners of the corner cells. There is a half-cell shift in teh ASTER DEM, so corners are 81.959861,27.699861 and 31.300139,97.130139 degrees.)

This is where Harvey will put the data that he promised you.

This site is curated by Harvey Greenberg, though others can ask for passwords to upload files. Puppetlab users can see it as z:/www/areas/Tsangpo and samba access will be set up soon.