Aral Basin Hydrology

2016 work

methods in progress

MCD12Q1.A2013001 Land Cover majority in 1/8-degree cells.
MCD12Q1.A2013001 Land Cover 1/240-degree cells

compare.xlsx Statistical comparison

Older work

We are getting started. This is a chunk of the Hydrosheds conditioned 3" DEM which we built on t:\topog\world\hydrosheds\hydrosheds.gdb. The black basin boundary comprises two basins in the beta 15-second HydroSHEDS database. Blue water polygons are from the SWBD. The red dashed lines show the two major basins as defined for our initial VIC modeling. Note one large undrained basin and four smaller ones.

Here is the older figure with blue water polygons are from VMAP0.

Six nations drain into the Aral Sea:
NationArea (square km)
Kazakhstan 221163
Uzbekistan 249748
Turkmenistan 57262
Kyrgyzstan 118403
Tajikistan 136862
Afghanistan 167031

This is the geocover Landsat mosaic from about 1990.

and the version from about the year 2000.

MODIS 2003 (MOD12Q1 Land Cover Product - MODIS/Terra Land Cover 96 Day L3 Global 1 km ISIN Grid - IGBP land cover classification)

We are running the VIC hydrological model with 5-minute cells. That's a twelfth of a degree, or about 9 km. The figure above illustrates how we track the precise percentage of each grid cell which is occupied by the basin. The detailed basin boundary is derived from the HydroSHEDS version of the SRTM 3-second (~90m) DEM. Coarse-scale flow directions are calculated by an algorithm that sums the net flows across the edge of each cell.
This page represents our initial assembly of data sources, and is not a definitive image of national or basin boundaries.