PRISM at Earth and Space Sciences

This page contains contains PRISM pages created at the Department of Earth and Space Sciences at the University of Washington. It has not been decided whether this is a permanent setup, or whether this is draft material to be moved to the official PRISM page

This is DHSVM output as of May 18, 2004. The Skokomish and Methow basins are not shown, as they need more work.

0. Soil moisture as percent saturation,  layer 1
1. Soil moisture as percent saturation, layer 2
2. Soil moisture as percent saturation, layer 3
3. Soil moisture as percent saturation, deep layer
4. Soil surface temperature in ?C  
5. Soil temperature in ?C. layer 1
6. Soil temperature in ?C. layer 2
7. Soil temperature in ?C. layer 3  
8. Ground heat storage in J (float) 
9. Surface ponding in m (float)

OLD Integrated elevation and bathymetry data (updated October 10, 2000)

2005 Integrated elevation and bathymetry data

Some shapefiles

These contain a shoreline, USGS 100K rivers, and basin boundaries. is compressed to avoid accidental LF/CR scrambling. It's in UTM 10, NAD27 is the same thing in lat-long coordinates. is the same thing in lat-long coordinates and NAD83.

another basin boundary as a UTM NAD27 export file. These boundaries stop at the shoreline.

The major PRISM basins, showing gauges. Note that the basins designated "coastal", Stillaguamish, and Lake Washington are not gauged, nor is the area below the eight gauges.
5/29/01: Thanks to Josh for pointing out that for a couple years the table in the above map was off by a factor of 1000. You knew what I meant, didn't you? The more you think about rivers, the smarter you are.

This image was built from a 30-meter DEM of the PRISM area. We have elevations at 30-meter spacing, covering a rectangle of 10146 7083 points. This is much more detailed than the screen image. The US data is public domain. The Canadian data is available only to those who are covered under our license agreement with B.C. Glaciers were derived from a Washington DNR data set, which is available in raw form only to the UW community. Water bodies were derived from a combination of DNR data and the DEM.

We now also have the entire US portion at 10-meter resolution.

International PRISM grid resampled to 150-meters
Contact Harvey for full-resolution data.