GlobalData at the University of Washington

This dataset was purchased by the University of Washington for distribution within the UW community. The following text is adapted from readme.txt.


This delivery contains Global Data Bundles compiled by Land Info: All datasets include .shp indexes except VMAP0 and WVS, which aren't tiled, and SRTM30 which is organized by large lat / long blocks.


All data is the copyrighted property of LAND INFO Worldwide Mapping, LLC. Land Info grants customer a license to distribute data on an isolated non-commercial basis, or as Derived Works. Derived works that include the source data must be merged with other value-added data in such a way that the derived work canít be converted back to the original source data format. Other Derived Works that donít include the source data (vector extraction, classification etc.) have no restrictions on use and distribution. An unlimited license is granted for media use, provided that the following citation is used: "map data courtesy"


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