DOQ files in the Cape Flattery 1 2 quadrangle

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The table below is ordered by the WADNR numbering scheme, .i.e. by row and column. Each 7.5' quad has a unique ID number. The first two digits of the ID number count down from 49 degress. The last two digits count east from 125 degrees. Leading zeros are omitted so that quads above 47.875 degrees are three digits. and sliver quads above 49 degrees are two digits.

There may be one or more images for each quads, and one or more images for each quarter quad.
USGS quarter quads from BIL files are colored linen,
USGS quarter quads from TIFF files are colored moccasin,
Replacement quarter quads (mostly) from TIFF files are colored blanchedalmond (Caution these are NAD27),
USFS full quads at 1-meter pixel size are colored green, and
USFS full quads at 2-meter pixel size are colored blue..
If you want to search by quad name, lower-left corner, or USGS numbering scheme, use the find button of your web browser. Data west of 120 (last two digits of DNR code less than 41, or USGS code digits 3-5 greater than 119) are in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) zone 10. Data east of 120 are in UTM zone 11, a completely different coordinate system. All but the replacement files are NAD83. The bundled README files explain datums.

Click on the "zipfile" link to download the image with metadata and alternate tfw files, or click on the metadata link for a text description. File sizes (rounded to the nearest million bytes) are shown for the uncompressed image file and for the downloadable zip file. Quarter quads and 2-meter full quads are about 35 megabytes, and full 1-meter quads are about 140 megabytes. Most data is available on cdrom (mostly in bil format) at the University of Washington Library Map Collection.

Some of this data may be browsed at Microsoft's online viewer

Some fine day, these will all be converted to proper geotiff format.

      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileimage
SE Cape Flattery 503 1994-7-194822'30" -12441'15"091151_1o4812435_ses48124d6_se_1994.tif42M30Mtext
SW Cape Flattery 503 1994-7-194822'30" -12445'0"091151_2o4812435_sws48124d6_sw_1994.tif42M31Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
SW Waadah Island 504 1994-7-194822'30" -12437'30"161408_6o4812436_sws48124d5_sw_1994.tif42M29Mtext
NE Makah Bay 603 1994-7-194818'45" -12441'15"091151_2o4812443_nes48124c6_ne_1994.tif42M36Mtext
NW Makah Bay 603 1994-7-194818'45" -12445'0"091151_2o4812443_nws48124c6_nw_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SE Makah Bay 603 1994-7-194815'0" -12441'15"091151_2o4812443_ses48124c6_se_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SW Makah Bay 603 1994-7-194815'0" -12445'0"091151_2o4812443_sws48124c6_sw_1994.tif42M30Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Neah Bay 604 1994-7-194818'45" -12433'45"161408_6o4812444_nes48124c5_ne_1994.tif42M30Mtext
NW Neah Bay 604 1994-7-194818'45" -12437'30"161408_6o4812444_nws48124c5_nw_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SE Neah Bay 604 1994-7-194815'0" -12433'45"161408_6o4812444_ses48124c5_se_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SW Neah Bay 604 1994-7-194815'0" -12437'30"161408_7o4812444_sws48124c5_sw_1994.tif42M33Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NW Sekiu River 605 1994-7-114818'45" -12430'0"161408_5o4812445_nws48124c4_nw_1994.tif42M28Mtext
SE Sekiu River 605 1994-7-114815'0" -12426'15"161408_5o4812445_ses48124c4_se_1994.tif42M32Mtext
SW Sekiu River 605 1994-7-114815'0" -12430'0"161408_5o4812445_sws48124c4_sw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
SE Clallam Bay 606 1994-7-194815'0" -12418'45"161408_2o4812446_ses48124c3_se_1994.tif42M26Mtext
SW Clallam Bay 606 1994-7-194815'0" -12422'30"161408_3o4812446_sws48124c3_sw_1994.tif42M30Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
SW Slip Point 607 1990-6-214815'0" -12415'0"150150_6o4812447_sws48124c2_sw_1990.tif42M27Mtext
SE Bodelteh Islands 702 1994-7-19487'30" -12448'45"091151_3o4812450_ses48124b7_se_1994.tif42M14Mtext
NE Ozette 703 1994-7-194811'15" -12441'15"091151_2o4812451_nes48124b6_ne_1994.tif42M34Mtext
NW Ozette 703 1994-7-194811'15" -12445'0"091151_2o4812451_nws48124b6_nw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
SE Ozette 703 1994-7-19487'30" -12441'15"091151_2o4812451_ses48124b6_se_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SW Ozette 703 1994-7-19487'30" -12445'0"091151_2o4812451_sws48124b6_sw_1994.tif42M36Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Umbrella Creek 704 1994-7-194811'15" -12433'45"161408_7o4812452_nes48124b5_ne_1994.tif42M33Mtext
NW Umbrella Creek 704 1994-7-194811'15" -12437'30"091151_1o4812452_nws48124b5_nw_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SE Umbrella Creek 704 1994-7-19487'30" -12433'45"091151_1o4812452_ses48124b5_se_1994.tif42M36Mtext
SW Umbrella Creek 704 1994-7-19487'30" -12437'30"091151_1o4812452_sws48124b5_sw_1994.tif42M37Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Hoko Falls 705 1994-7-114811'15" -12426'15"161408_5o4812453_nes48124b4_ne_1994.tif42M34Mtext
NW Hoko Falls 705 1994-7-114811'15" -12430'0"161408_5o4812453_nws48124b4_nw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
SE Hoko Falls 705 1994-7-11487'30" -12426'15"161408_5o4812453_ses48124b4_se_1994.tif42M32Mtext
SW Hoko Falls 705 1994-7-11487'30" -12430'0"161408_5o4812453_sws48124b4_sw_1994.tif42M32Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Ellis Mountain 706 1994-7-194811'15" -12418'45"161408_3o4812454_nes48124b3_ne_1994.tif42M37Mtext
NW Ellis Mountain 706 1994-7-194811'15" -12422'30"161408_3o4812454_nws48124b3_nw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
SE Ellis Mountain 706 1994-7-19487'30" -12418'45"161408_3o4812454_ses48124b3_se_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SW Ellis Mountain 706 1994-7-19487'30" -12422'30"161408_3o4812454_sws48124b3_sw_1994.tif42M36Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE West Of Pysht 707 1994-7-194811'15" -12411'15"150150_7o4812455_nes48124b2_ne_1994.tif42M35Mtext
NW West Of Pysht 707 1994-7-194811'15" -12415'0"150150_7o4812455_nws48124b2_nw_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SE West Of Pysht 707 1994-7-19487'30" -12411'15"150150_7o4812455_ses48124b2_se_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SW West Of Pysht 707 1994-7-19487'30" -12415'0"150150_7o4812455_sws48124b2_sw_1994.tif42M38Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NW Pysht 708 1994-9-224811'15" -1247'30"150150_3o4812456_nws48124b1_nw_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SE Pysht 708 1994-9-22487'30" -1243'45"150150_3o4812456_ses48124b1_se_1994.tif42M38Mtext
SW Pysht 708 1994-9-22487'30" -1247'30"150150_3o4812456_sws48124b1_sw_1994.tif42M38Mtext
NE Allens Bay 803 1994-7-19483'45" -12441'15"091151_2o4812459_nes48124a6_ne_1994.tif42M36Mtext
NW Allens Bay 803 1994-7-19483'45" -12445'0"091151_2o4812459_nws48124a6_nw_1994.tif42M35Mtext
SE Allens Bay 803 1994-7-19480'0" -12441'15"091151_2o4812459_ses48124a6_se_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SW Allens Bay 803 1994-7-19480'0" -12445'0"091151_2o4812459_sws48124a6_sw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Dickey Lake 804 1994-7-19483'45" -12433'45"091151_1o4812460_nes48124a5_ne_1994.tif42M37Mtext
NW Dickey Lake 804 1994-7-19483'45" -12437'30"091151_1o4812460_nws48124a5_nw_1994.tif42M36Mtext
SE Dickey Lake 804 1994-7-19480'0" -12433'45"091151_1o4812460_ses48124a5_se_1994.tif42M37Mtext
SW Dickey Lake 804 1994-7-19480'0" -12437'30"091151_1o4812460_sws48124a5_sw_1994.tif42M37Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Gunderson Mountain 805 1994-7-11483'45" -12426'15"161408_5o4812461_nes48124a4_ne_1994.tif42M32Mtext
NW Gunderson Mountain 805 1994-7-11483'45" -12430'0"161408_5o4812461_nws48124a4_nw_1994.tif42M32Mtext
SE Gunderson Mountain 805 1994-7-11480'0" -12426'15"161408_5o4812461_ses48124a4_se_1994.tif42M33Mtext
SW Gunderson Mountain 805 1994-7-11480'0" -12430'0"161408_5o4812461_sws48124a4_sw_1994.tif42M32Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Lake Pleasant 806 1994-7-19483'45" -12418'45"161408_3o4812462_nes48124a3_ne_1994.tif42M36Mtext
NW Lake Pleasant 806 1994-7-19483'45" -12422'30"161408_3o4812462_nws48124a3_nw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
SE Lake Pleasant 806 1994-7-19480'0" -12418'45"161408_3o4812462_ses48124a3_se_1994.tif42M36Mtext
SW Lake Pleasant 806 1994-7-19480'0" -12422'30"161408_3o4812462_sws48124a3_sw_1994.tif42M34Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
NE Deadmans Hill 807 1994-7-19483'45" -12411'15"1_1o4812463_nes48124a2_ne_1994.tif42M36Mtext
NW Deadmans Hill 807 1994-7-19483'45" -12415'0"1_1o4812463_nws48124a2_nw_1994.tif42M36Mtext
SE Deadmans Hill 807 1994-7-19480'0" -12411'15"1_1o4812463_ses48124a2_se_1994.tif42M36Mtext
SW Deadmans Hill 807 1994-7-19480'0" -12415'0"1_1o4812463_sws48124a2_sw_1994.tif42M36Mtext
      quadrant/quad     DNR# image datelower leftCDROMCDROM filedownload fileMbyteszipfilemeta
(all) Snider Peak 808 1993-8-1480'0" -1247'30"USFS_177a148124.bil48124a1_1993.tif149M136Mtext
NE Snider Peak 808 1990-7-10483'45" -1243'45"150150_3o4812464_nes48124a1_ne_1990.tif42M38Mtext
NW Snider Peak 808 1991-9-3483'45" -1247'30"150150_3o4812464_nws48124a1_nw_1991.tif42M35Mtext
SE Snider Peak 808 1990-7-10480'0" -1243'45"150150_3o4812464_ses48124a1_se_1990.tif42M36Mtext
SW Snider Peak 808 1991-9-3480'0" -1247'30"150150_3o4812464_sws48124a1_sw_1991.tif42M35Mtext
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