DRG files in the Grangeville 1 by 2 quadrangle

Click on the map or text for most 1:24K (7.5-minute) quads. Click on the text for other quads.
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USGS name# quadsDNR#namezipped size
c45116a17-(12 quad)5730884
z451176-(Mosaicked 24K quads)20673161
o45117h612559 Elbow Creek2547505
o45117h512560 Eden2500946
o45117h412561 Troy2721738
o45117h312562 Flora2009357
o45117h212563 Paradise2975096
o45117h112564 Teepee Butte3280182
o45116h812565 Jim Creek Butte3607922
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