DRG files in the The Dalles 1 by 2 quadrangle

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USGS name# quadsDNR#namezipped size
c45120a150-(12 quad)5408756
f45121e127-HOOD RIVER (NW quarter)6605436
z4512023-(Mosaicked 24K quads)64002885
z4512127-(Mosaicked 24K quads)73173497
o45121h812525 Termination Point2319729
o45121h712526 Gifford Peak1712740
o45121h612527 Little Huckleberry Mountain2171024
o45121h512528 Guler Mountain2528113
o45121h412529 Quigley Butte3347514
o45121h312530 Camas Prairie2461205
o45121h212531 Dead Canyon2337717
o45121h112532 Grayback Mountain2994327
o45120h812533 White Pine Buttes4301200
o45120h712534 Indian Rock4559111
o45120h612535 Satus Pass4146521
o45120h512536 Lone Pine Butte4673488
o45120h412537 Bickleton NW2289364
o45120h312538 Bickleton1401642
o45120h212539 Crider Valley1948160
o45120h112540 Douty Canyon2287446
o45121g812625 Stabler2677253
o45121g712626 Big Huckleberry Mountain3324290
o45121g612627 Willard2832473
o45121g512628 Northwestern Lake3291201
o45121g412629 Husum2530595
o45121g312630 Appleton2605546
o45121g212631 Klickitat2929407
o45121g112632 Wahkiacus2837631
o45120g812633 Centerville1916355
o45120g712634 Goldendale2044845
o45120g612635 Luna Butte2072569
o45120g512636 Luna Gulch2576742
o45120g412637 Goodnoe Hills3103080
o45120g312638 Dot2030460
o45120g212639 Wood Gulch2760765
o45120g112640 Heppner Junction2290118
o45121f812725 Bonneville Dam2538776
o45121f712726 Carson2626351
o45121f612727 Mount Defiance3818952
o45121f512728 Hood River2954583
o45121f412729 White Salmon3164080
o45121f312730 Lyle3072696
o45121f212731 The Dalles North2371149
o45121f112732 Stacker Butte2409595
o45120f812733 Wishram2139251
o45120f712734 Biggs Junction2310046
o45120f612735 Rufus3004005
o45120f512736 Quinton3302654
o45120f412737 Sundale NW2832788
o45120f312738 Sundale2318590
o45120f212739 Arlington2197436
o45121e812825 Tanner Butte2135472
o45121e212831 The Dalles South3101595
o45121e112832 Petersburg2068043
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