Scanned 1:24000-scale topo maps (DRG files) for Kauai and Niihau

These are tif image files. Tourists take note: The extemely ambitous can load these onto a portable device, but I was happy with the $6 government recreation map I bought in Lihue.
bytes file name
61784850 All Kauai mosaicked
9102748 Niihau South
9558820 Niihau North
5270474 Lihue
4875263 Koloa
5127036 Hanapepe
5444791 Kapaa
8205840 Waialeale
7971581 Waimea Canyon
3613731 Kekaha
5881166 Anahola
6356382 Hanalei
6590639 Haena
4115010 Makaha Point
10-meter DEMs for all Hawaii