Landsat Scenes for Western Washington State

This is the data from nine 8mm tapes at the University of Washington Map Collection, call# G4281.A43.1990.E7. Directories 1-7 and 9 each contain a DEM and four 5-band or 6-band scenes. They are in UTM 10, NAD27. Pixel size is 60 meters. Tape/directory 8 contains a mosaic of Puget Sound and Georgia Strait. Coordinates for this one are in seconds. The .txt files in each directory provide more information. See also USGS . Users of the data are welcome to contribute to this page. It would also be good to be reassured that posting this page was worth it.
NALC tape 1
NALC tape 2
NALC tape 3
NALC tape 4
NALC tape 5
NALC tape 6
NALC tape 7
NALC tape 8
NALC tape 9

The web directories differ from the tapes in that:

Note: The README suggested block sizes for reading from tape. These did not work for me; I needed to use 32768 for all files.

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