10-meter DEM files in Cape Flattery

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DNR numberNameUSGS codeZunitscomment
503Cape Flattery48124d6DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
504Waadah Island48124d5DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
603Makah Bay48124c6DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
604Neah Bay48124c5DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
605Sekiu River48124c4DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
606Clallam Bay48124c3DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
607Slip Point48124c2DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
702Bodelteh Islands48124b7DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
703Ozette48124b6DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
704Umbrella Creek48124b5DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
705Hoko Falls48124b4DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
706Ellis Mountain48124b3DLT4X CI40 DRAINENF HPTVC HYDLG
707West of Pysht48124b2DLT4X CI40 DRAINENF HPTVC HYDLG
803Allens Bay48124a6DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
804Dickey Lake48124a5DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
805Gunderson Mountain48124a4DLT4X DRAINAGE IN
806Lake Pleasant48124a3DLT4X CI40 DRAINENF HPTVC HYDLG
807Deadmans Hill48124a2DLT4X CI40 DRAINENF HPTVC HYDLG
808Snider Peak48124a1DLT4X CI40 DRAINENF HPTVC HYDLG

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