New Feb,2001 10-meter DEMs

182 new DEMs arrived February 8, 2001. For the moment, this page is the only means of access. They will be indexed, posted by 1 x 2 quad, and assembled in big tiles as time permits.
This image shows the new quads in zone 10 (leaving us two short of the complete set.)

This image shows all the quads in zone 11.

187 (I later found that 5 were duplicates.) DEMs are included in a 335976798-byte zipfile. They have USGS quad names.

Below are the individual DEMs, renamed with the DNR numbering scheme. Quads with the last 2 digits < 41 are in zone 10; others are in zone 11. Bluestem Omans Edwall Waukon Medical Lake Four Lakes Spokane SW Spokane SE Freeman Mica Peak Sprague Lake NE Sassin Tyler Lance Hills Cheney Spangle West Spangle East Fairfield Setters Sprague Fishtrap Lake Amber Chapman Lake Plaza Spring Valley Latah Tekoa Mountain Babcock Ridge Quincy Winchester Winchester NE Moses Lake NW Moses Lake North Wheeler Wheeler NE Rock Lake Pine City Malden Rosalia Colockum Pass SW Colockum Pass SE Whiskey Dick Mountain Cape Horn SE Evergreen Ridge George Winchester SW Winchester SE Mae Moses Lake South Sieler Bassett Junction Beverly NE Royal City Frenchman Hills Lake Royal Camp O'Sullivan Dam Soda Lake Warden Beverly SE Smyrna Wahatis Peak Corfu Bruce Priest Rapids NE Vernita Bridge Coyote Rapids Locke Island Tampico Wiley City Emerson Nipple Riverland Gable Butte Hanford Savage Island Basin City Mesa West Piscoe Meadow Yesmowit Canyon Medicine Valley White Swan Harrah Wapato Toppenish Granger NW Granger NE Sulphur Spring Maiden Spring Snively Basin Iowa Flats Horn Rapids Dam Wooded Island Mathews Corner Eltopia Castile Falls Lost Horse Plateau Willy Dick Canyon Fort Simcoe Toppenish Mountain Harrah SE Toppenish SW Hembre Mountain Granger Sunnyside Grandview Sagebrush Ridge Snipes Creek Corral Canyon Benton City Richland Columbia Point Glade Signal Peak Poland Butte McKays Butte Camas Patch Logy Creek Falls Logy Creek NE Poisel Butte NW Poisel Butte Bluelight NW Mabton West Mabton East Prosser Whitstran Whitstran NE Webber Canyon Badger Mountain Kennewick Pasco Outlet Falls Twin Buttes Hagerty Butte Stagman Butte Logy Creek SW Kusshi Creek Poisel Butte SW Poisel Butte SE Bluelight Tule Prong Prosser SW Prosser SE Lenzie Ranch Whitstran SE Prior Ranch Taylor Canyon Johnson Butte Nine Canyon Dead Canyon Grayback Mountain White Pine Buttes Indian Rock Satus Pass Lone Pine Butte Bickleton NW Bickleton Crider Valley Douty Canyon Phinny Hill Canoe Ridge Blalock Island (aka West of Paterson) Paterson Irrigon Umatilla Hat Rock Juniper Juniper Canyon Troy Paradise Luna Butte Luna Gulch Goodnoe Hills Dot Wood Gulch Heppner Junction Alderdale Crow Butte Boardman Rufus Quinton Sundale NW Sundale Arlington
As readme.txt explains, these are ASCII files with no carriage control.
When I tried importing to arc/info with demgrid, they imported in integer meters, with truncated values. I had to bring them in as floats with demlattice.

Thanks to the Washington Department of Ecology for purchasing this last batch.