New quads March 5, 2001

These comprise the upper 3/4 of the Spokane 1,100K quad.
Thanks to Tom Frost at the USGS Spokane Field Office
broken links fixed 3/16/01
DNR numberNameUSGS codeZunitscomment
957Wellpinit o47117h8D
958Ford o47117h7D
959Tumtum o47117h6D
960Clayton o47117h5D
961Deer Park o47117h4D
962Chattaroy o47117h3D
963Mount Kit Carson o47117h2D
964Mount Spokane o47117h1D
1057Little Falls o47117g8D
1058Long Lake o47117g7D
1059Four Mound Prairie o47117g6D
1060Nine Mile Falls o47117g5D
1061Dartford o47117g4D
1062Mead o47117g3D
1063Foothills o47117g2D
1064Newman Lake o47117g1D
1157Reardan West o47117f8D
1158Reardan East o47117f7D
1159Deep Creek o47117f6D
1160Airway Heights o47117f5D
1161Spokane NW o47117f4D
1162Spokane NE o47117f3D
1163Greenacres o47117f2D
1164Liberty Lake o47117f1D