For those users who have been building complete copies of the Washington DEMs on this site, my recent aquisitions are grouped here for your convenience. Most users will prefer to get the individually indexed DEMs or the mosaicked data. New quads in Eastern Washington arrived February 8, 2001, and can be downloaded individually or as one file.

24 more new quads in the Spokane quad

A batch of new quads has just arrived. The most complete Eastern Washington coverage (25 quads short of completion, but containing 240 new quads) is available as a 831,392,130-byte zip file containing an arcinfo workspace. Data is is integer decimeters. Note that the Waterville and Douglas quads were erroneously published in UTM zone 11, even though they lie just west of 120. It is better to leave them in zone 11 than to try to reproject them.

You can also download the 240 quads (with usgs names instead of the row-column names I prefer) as one large 405,641,585-byte zip file. Here's the file list.

Here are the final 25 quads (including Viola) to complete the state of Washington in a single 57-meg zip file.

The last of the WA quads arrived (and are posted in a single zip file above) on Nov 14, 2001.

Webmaster Harvey Greenberg