ESS 320 | AIS 320 | ENVIR 320 Changing Rivers of Puget Sound

Spring 2011 Schedule

Week 1

Monday 3/28: Introductions
Lab materials: (1) Lab #1 worksheet PDF, (2) GoogleEarth .kmz file
Lecture: PDF
Voluntary student survey: Link to SRI online survey: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X722XK6
and consent form: PDF

Wednesday 3/30: Geology and co-evolution of Puget Sound rivers and salmon

Assigned reading: (1) Booth et al. 2003 (2) Nehlsen and Lichatowich 1997
Lecture: PDF
Additional reading and resources:
(1) Waples et al 2008 (2) Quinn 2005 (3)  Animation of last glaciation of Puget Lowland

Week 2

Monday 4/4: Geology and co-evolution of Puget Sound rivers and salmon
Assigned reading:(1) Collins & Montgomery 2011 (2) Ludwin 2005
Additional reading and resources: (1) Beechie et al. 2001 (2) Schindler et al. 2003
Lecture: PDF
Assignments due: Lab #1

Wednesday 4/6: Geomorphogy of rivers and watersheds
Guest presenter: Professor David Montgomery, ESS

Assigned reading: (1) Montgomery 1997
Lecture: PDF

Week 3

Monday 4/11: The changing flora and human interactions with plants in the Puget Sound lowland
Assigned reading:(1) Whitlock and Hebda 1997 (2) Suttles and Ames 1997   (3) Pojar and Mackinnon 2004
Additional reading and resources: (1) Butler and Campbell 2004
Lecture: PDF

Wednesday 4/13
The history of Puget Sound rivers, Part I: Rivers at the time of the treaties & changes in the second half of the 20th century
Assigned reading: Collins et al. 2003
Lecture: PDF
Field trip preview: PDF
Additional reading and resources: (1) Egan and Howell 2001
Assignments due on Thursday 4/14: Journal electronic submission #1

Field trip #1

Saturday 4/16: From headwaters to saltwater along the Skykomish-Snohomish Rivers
Logistics: Leave outside JHN north entrance 8AM, back by 6PM.
Assigned reading: Executive Summary, Snohomish Basin Salmon Conservation Plan
Additional reading and resources: (1) Tulalip Tribes 2010 (2) Tanner et al. 2001 (3) Bourgeois and Johnson 2001
Field trip materials: Field trip #1 worksheet PDF

Week 4

Monday 4/18: Post-glacial development of culture in the Puget Sound region
Guest presenter: Professor Julie Stein, Director, Burke Museum
Assigned reading: (1) Thrush (online resource)
Lecture: PDF

Wednesday 4/20: Methods to reconstruct the historical landscape in the Duwamish River valley
Lab materials: (1) Lab #3 intro/outro powerpoint PDF (2) Lab #2 worksheet PDF (3) PLS field notes PDF (4) Maps PDF
Assignments due: Field trip #1 assignment due; Lab #2 due at end of class

Week 5

Monday 4/25: The history of Puget Sound rivers, Part II: Reshaping the Duwamish River watershed
Assigned reading:(1) Thrush 2006 (2) Chrzastowski 1983 (3) Klingle 2005
Lecture: PDF

Wednesday 4/27: Assessing post-glacial and historical environmental change at Union Bay; Preview of field trip
Assigned reading: TBA
Lab materials: Lab #3 worksheet PDF
Assignments due: Lab #3 at end of class

Field trip #2

Saturday 4/30: Following the historical path of a salmon from Green Lake and along Ravenna Creek, Lake Washington, and the Black and Duwamish Rivers to Elliot Bay
Logistics: Meet at Greenlake Community Center, 9AM, back by 5PM
Field trip materials: (1) Field trip #2 worksheet PDF (2) Assignment PDF
(3) Google Earth .kmz file
Assigned reading: (1) Thrush and Thompson 2007
Additional reading: (1) Zehfuss et al 2003

Week 6

Monday 5/2: Who has rights to salmon and to manage salmon habitat? Interpreting the treaties
Guest presenter: Professor Alexandra Harmon, AIS
Assigned reading:
(1) Wilkinson 2000
(2) Treaty of Point Elliott: http://nwifc.org/member-tribes/treaties/ (3) Map of western Washington tribes and ceded areas: http://academic.evergreen.edu/g/grossmaz/Western%20Washington%20BW.pdf
Additional reading and resources: (1) Cohen 1986 (2) Gibbs 1863 Dictionary of Chinook Jargon (3) The Treaty Trail: U.S. Indian Treaty Councils in the Northwest. Washington State Historical Society. website

Wednesday 5/4: Treaty rights today

Guest presenter: Alan Stay, Attorney, Muckleshoot Tribe
Assigned reading: (1) Morisset 2009
Additional reading: (1) Uncommon Controversy Chapter 4
(2) Blumm 2009 (similar to Morisset reading but with some different emphases)

Week 7

Monday 5/9: Restoring and managing Puget Sound rivers
Assigned reading: (1) Beechie et al. 2010 (2) Cronin and Ostergren 2007 (3) Jamestown S'Kllalam Tribe
Additional reading and resources: (1) Senos et al. 2006  (2) Roni et al. 2010 (3) Montgomery et al. 2003
Lecture: PDF
Guidelines for final project: PDF
Assignments due: Project proposal due by start of class

Wednesday 5/11:
Restoring and managing Puget Sound rivers
Assigned reading: (1) Climate Impacts Group 2009
Additional reading: (1) Whitely Binder et al. 2010 (2) Battin et al. 2007
Lecture: PDF

Week 8

Monday 5/16: Case Study 1: Salmon habitat restoration and farmland preservation in the Skagit River valley
Guest presenter: Sara Breslow, environmental anthropologist
Assigned reading (emailed): (1) Breslow 2011: Introduction; pp. 283-343 of Chapter 6; pp. 183-232 of Chapter 4 optional
Additional reading and resources: Lecture discussion questions
Lecture: PDF
Assignments due on Tuesday 5/17: Journal, electronic submission #2

Wednesday 5/18: Case Study 2: Green River

Assigned reading: Brown 2008 (background reading for weeks 8 and 9)
Lab materials: Lab #4 worksheet PDF; link to Army Engineers flood scenario maps
Assignments due: Lab #4 at end of class

Week 9

Monday 5/23: Case Study 3: Skokomish River
Assigned reading: (1) Somerville 2009 (2) Poff et al. 1997
Additional reading and resources: (1) Richter and Thomas 2007 (2) Poff et al. 2003 (3) Cushman Dam Settlement
Lab materials: Lab #5 worksheet
Assignments due: Lab #5 at end of class

Wednesday 5/25: Case Study 4: The Duwamish River Superfund site: Who is affected, and how? What's the best way to clean it up?
Assigned reading: (1) EPA 2010 plus factsheets on Boeing Plant 2 by EPA and DRCC
Guest presenters: Shawn Blocker (EPA Environmental Scientist,
James Rasmussen, Duwamish Tribe, Cari Simpson, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition)
Presentations: PDF, PDF, M4V

Week 10

Monday 5/30: No class, Memorial Day holiday

Wednesday 6/1: Student presentations
Class will meet in JHN 026
Assignments due on Wednesday  6/1: Journal, electronic submission #3

Wednesday 6/8: Student presentations
Class will meet during the scheduled final exam period, 2:30-4:20, in JHN 011

Assignment due dates
Lab #1: 4/4
Journal electronic submission #1: 4/13
Field trip report #1:  4/20
Lab #2: end of class 4/20
Lab #3: end of class 4/27
Field trip report #2: 5/4
Final project proposal: 5/9 (earlier recommended)
Lab #4: end of class 5/11
Journal electronic submission #2: 5/16
Lab #5: end of class 5/23
Journal submission #3: 6/1
Project presentations: 6/1, 6/8

ab and field trip worksheets

Lab #1 PDF
Lab #2 PDF
Field trip #1 PDF
Lab #3 PDF
Field trip #2 PDF
Lab #4 PDF
Lab #5 PDF