S427: Hillslope Geomorpholgy

ESS 427: Hillslope Geomorphology


ESS427 Winter 2011

Characteristics of bedrock and soil-mantled hillslopes, and the processes that control their evolution in diverse climates. Lectures will cover theoretical, laboratory, and field aspects of hillslope evolution by soil creep, slope failure, and water erosion. The class will provide an introduction to recent advances in this discipline and it will feature a number of presentations by guest experts. Laboratory and field exercises emphasize quantitative analysis of hillslope processes and forms, and the acquisition of various skills, including mapping, topographic surveying, and report writing. Prerequisite: ESS 211, or ESS 326, or consent of instructor

Lecture:  M W  2:30 - 2:400       Room 026 JHN

Instructor:    Alison Duvall
Office:        343 Johnson Hall
Email:         aduvall at uw.edu
Phone:         206-221-8311

  • Discovery Park Field Trip GIS files (BIG file 776 MB)
  • SHALSTAB Lab (fixed again April 25, 2013)
    (The following instructions work for the room 366 lab. They may vary slightly in other environments.)
    • (open ARCINFO Arc window)
    • unzip D:\D--Users\geo-user\Documents\Downloads\exercise.zip
    • w mod
    • &run model
  • SHALSTAB sensitivity
  • 1998 SHALSTAB paper
  • Slope stability on Little Mountain
  • burienb.zip GIS files
    • Download to a directory where you can find it.
    • Right-click on the folder and extract all
    • Go to that directory and right-click on fieldmapb.mxd It will look like Discovery Park, only different.

    LiDAR references

    GIS references

  • Oscilloscope vector demonstration with sound

    Old course materials