ESS 230: Rivers and Beaches

Fall 2011 (3/5 CREDITS)

source to sinkIntroduction to Earth surface environments, the processes that shape them, how humans affect them and are affected by them. Weekend field trips examine mountains, rivers, deltas/estuaries, beaches, and environments beyond. Focus on linkages between these environments to illustrate coupling between landscapes and seascapes.


Lecture: M W F 1:30-2:20
Johnson Hall 075

Lab: W 2:30-3:20
Johnson Hall 111


David Montgomery
Phone: 685-2560
Johnson Hall 341

Chuck Nittrouer
Phone: 543-5099
Marine Sciences Building 111B


Teaching Assistants
SeanPaul La Selle
Phone: 543-6267

Teaching Assistants
Kelly Hillbun
Phone: 685-3326

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