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ESS/Ocean 230: Rivers and Beaches

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            Sink Nittrouer,Schanz
Introduction to Earth surface environments, the processes that shape them, how humans affect them and are affected by them. Weekend field trips examine mountains, rivers, deltas/estuaries, beaches, and environments beyond. Focus on linkages between these environments to illustrate coupling between landscapes and seascapes.

Fall, 2015:
Lecture:             TW & Th   1:30 - 2:50   Room 14, Ocean Teaching Building
Lab (for 5 credits)  Th        3:00 - 4:00   Room 14, Ocean Teaching Building

INSTRUCTORS                                             TEACHING ASSISTANT
Chuck Nittrouer                Sarah Schanz             Jonathon Beyeler
111B MSB/206-543-5099          432 JHN/206-616-0799     432 JHN/206-616-0799       

COURSE FEE:     $30/$50 for 3/5 credits
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ESS 320/AIS 320/ENVIR 320:Changing Rivers of Puget Sound

John Y. Taylor
            1854 Duwamish R. drawing Collins, Colonnese, Updegrave
ESS/AIS/ENVIR 320 Spring 2011

The physical and ecological evolution of Puget Sound rivers and the changing interactions of people, rivers, and ecosystems.

ESS 326: Introductory Geomorphology Hallet
Introduction to landforms and surficial deposits. Emphasis on landscape-forming processes. Intended for students who wish to take additional courses in geomorphology. Prerequisite: either PHYS 114 or PHYS 121.

Lecture: T Th  1:30 - 2:50              Room 022 Johnson Hall
Labs:    M     2:00 - 3:20              Room 117 Johnson Hall
         W     2:00 - 3:20              Room 117 Johnson Hall

Instructor:     Bernard Hallet
Office:         365 Johnson Hall
Email:          hallet at
Phone:          206-685-2409

TAs:            Sarah Schanz           
Office:         432 Johnson Hall        
Email:          schanzs at

          course materials

ESS 426: Fluvial Geomorphology

BC Bedrock

ESS 426 Autumn 2012

Hydraulic and morphological characteristics of streams and valley floors. Landscape evolution by stream erosion and deposition. Field exercises emphasize quantitative analysis of fluvial processes, channel forms, acquisition of various skills, such as mapping, topographic surveying, report writing. Prerequisite: either ESS 311, ESS 326, GEOL 392, or GEOL 411.

ESS 427: Hillslope Geomorphology

Himalayas ESS427 Spring 2013

Characteristics of bedrock and soil-mantled hillslopes, and the processes that control their evolution in diverse climates. Lectures will cover theoretical, laboratory, and field aspects of hillslope evolution by soil creep, slope failure, and water erosion. The class will provide an introduction to recent advances in this discipline and it will feature a number of presentations by guest experts. Laboratory and field exercises emphasize quantitative analysis of hillslope processes and forms, and the acquisition of various skills, including mapping, topographic surveying, and report writing. Prerequisite: ESS 211, or ESS 326, or consent of instructor

Lecture:  M W  2:30 - 4:20       Room 026 JHN

Instructor:    Alison Duvall
Office:        343 Johnson Hall
Email:         aduvall at
Phone:         206-221-8311


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ESS 490 Python and GIS


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