materials for Hillslope Geomorphology ESS427 Spring 2009
SHALSTAB sensitivity         instructions for the SHALSTAB exercise first batch of lab stuff to unpack in d:/t--user more material for Apriil 9. Unzip into existing (we hope) hillslope directory. material for April 14. Unzip into existing (we hope) hillslope directory.

What I remember from April 14:

Things encountered in class April 16:

Be in a Michael Moore video

Harvey has more student copies of arcview 9.3.

May 5, more work on field work.
May 7: Guest speaker Mark Molinari
May 12: Harvey returns to GIS, answering questions and introducing data servers.
May 14: and field trip Server is down. Awful lab.
May 19:

May 21: Isaac Larsen speaks
May 26: Better demonstration of filegeodatabases and editing.
May 28: Last class. Introduction to python.
All questions answered, some badly.
So we didn't get around to python. Find python in your start menu (It's loaded on all GIS computers and on other good computers.), select help, and find the tutorial. It's more fun than sudoku.
Your future: and room 374.