Theoretical Background
  • Relative roughness mapping
  • Calibration to physical roughness parameters
Application Using
  • HRSC
  • CTX
  • HiRISE
Landing Sites
Scientific Applications
  • Slope Streaks
  • Hebes Chasma
  • Flows on Mars
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This project is funded by the Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP)

Validation at Gusev - comparison to THEMIS thermal inertia map of Fergason et. al (2006).

THEMIS thermal inertia of the Gusev landing site region.  THEMIS-derived thermal inertia image overlaid onto a THEMIS visible image of the traverse from Columbia Memorial Station (CMS) to Bonneville crater to the Columbia Hills at the Gusev landing site region.  Numbers indicate site positions along the traverse.  Site position along the Gusev traverse was typically incremented after each drive segment and was chosen because site is more representative of the distance traveled than sol numbers.  (Figure 13, Fergason, et al, 2006).

Calibrated HRSC roughness levels.

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