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Earth and Space Sciences 421: Introduction to Remote Sensing

Earth and Space Sciences 421 is designed to introduce upperclass and graduate students to the physical principles underlying spectral remote sensing as applied to the study of the land surface of the Earth, Moon and terrestrial planets. Remote sensing at visible and near-infrared wavelengths, thermal infrared, and radar are covered. The class includes a computer lab applying processing techniques to images, and critical evaluation of selected professional articles on remote sensing applications.

Earth and Space Sciences 422: Intermediate Spectral Remote Sensing

Earth and Space Sciences 422 expands on the topics covered in Introduction to Remote Sensing. The main focus of the class will be a remote sensing project selected by each student. In lectures special attention is given to calibration, spectral unmixing, classification, and validation of remote sensing conclusions.

Future Classes


For more than a decade, John Adams used his photointerpretation class as a vehicle to teach the scientific method in the context of remotely sensed images of the Earth and Moon. We intend to offer this class again. Topics covered will include the interpretation of the lunar surface from Apollo images, geological mapping of the lithologic types and structure on Earth, and geomorphic puzzles on Mars. Attention will be drawn to the problems inherent in making inferences about complex surfaces or processes in the face of often inadequate amounts and types of data.

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