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ESS 421
ESS 422

Roughness effects on sub-pixel radiant temperatures in
Kinetically isothermal surfaces


Iryna Danilina1, Amit Mushkin1, Alan Gillespie1, Michael O'Neal2, Lisa Pietrao2, Lee Balick3
1) University of Washington, 2) University of Delaware, 3) Los Alamos National Laboratory



 Revisions to the ASTER temperature/emissivity separation algorithm
William T. Gustafson, Alan R. Gillespie, Gail J. Yamada
Keck Spectral Remote Sensing Lab, Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington


Parsing Shade

Alan R. Gillespie1, Laura Gilson1, Michael O'Neal2, Van R. Kane3
1) Department of Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195-1310 USA
Department of Geography, University of Delaware, Newark, DE USA
College of Forestry Resources, University of Washington. Seattle, WA USA
Communication author: +1-206-685-8265 v, +1-206-685-2379 fax, arg3@u.washington.edu



 Differential Thermal Inertia of Geological Surfaces
Don Sabol1, Alan R. Gillespie1, Eric McDonald2, Iryna Danilina1
1) Department of Earth & Space Sciences, Box 351310, University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98
2) Earth & Ecosystems Science, Desert Research Institute, 2215 Raggio Parkway, Reno, Nevada 89512



 Using sub-pixel roughness estimates from ASTER stereo images to
compensate for roughness effects in the thermal infrared

A. Mushkin1*, A. R. Gillespie1, I. Danilina1, M. O'Neal2, L. Pietro2, E. Abbott3, L. Balick4
1) University of Washington, Seattle WA 98195
University of Delaware, Newark DE 19716
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena CA 91109
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos NM 87545

* mushkin@u.washington.edu


Slides from Amit Muskin's talk


    W. M. Keck Remote Sensing and Planetary Sciences Laboratory
    Department of Earth and Space Sciences
    University of Washington

    Box 351310   
    Seattle, WA  98195