BS, Art and Design, Department of Architecture,
   Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1972
MA, Printmaking, California State University at Chico, 1977

Harvey Greenberg is experienced in computer applications in geographic information systems, cartography and geology. He has worked on standalone applications in Fortan, Pascal, and POSTSCRIPT, but is now in the thrall of ESRI software. Harvey favors python and aml, but maintains software in C, Fortran, and java. He is experienced in program documentation, training, and support, and management of linux and windows systems. He is experienced in the creation of digital elevation models, their enhancement through drainage enforcement, and DEM analysis. He maintains large web servers. Harvey provides support for students and for research groups.
1980-81	Morgan-Fairchild
  Computer cartography
  Forensic graphics

1981-1983 University of Washington - Urban Transportation Program
  Development of geographic data sets
  Writing software for display of transportation data.
  Writing software for calculation and display of urban form data

1983-1990 Northwest Cartography/Roy F.Weston
  Development of an in-house geographic information system.
  Geographical analyses for facility siting.

1990-1991 Geonex
  UNIX system support
  CAD-ARC/INFO data conversion
  ARC/INFO programming and production

1991-present University of Washington - Department of Earth and Space Sciences
  Geographical Information Systems
  Geographical Database Management
  ArcGIS and python programming in landscape and hydrological analysisa

Present: Working quarter-time in post-retirement mode.
  Helping people on request, and keeping the plants watered.

Portrait Photo

Room 374 Johnson Hall
University of Washington
Dept. of Earth and Space Sciences
Box 351310
Seattle WA 98195 - 1310

Photo by Floyd (Who here remembers Floyd. That was a while ago.)
I am investigating the most appropriate computer language for geomorphological work pursuing sufficiently advanced technology, and trying to find a map projection to suit me.

Personal Info

Zodiac sign: water bear. (Not water bearer. Water bear as in "Mercury is in tardegrade."
Favorite Ralph Carpenter quote of November, 2020: "The opera ain't over till Valhalla burns."

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