The DNR shoreline goes to the vegetation line, and is not the most appropriate.

20-meter data from Fish and Wildlife

metadata on F&W dataset

F&W covers:
mfcan	DD
mfcoast	DD
mfcol_a	DD
mfcol_b DD
mfcol_c DD
mfpuget	DD
netcovz10	UTM 30' squares
psampshorez10	UTM land polygons : tends to go further up estuaries and
                    and swamps, and farther out docks than shore_blueutm
willapasand	DD
The F&W bathymetry is everything which is not psampshorez10 and not
mudflat/sand.  It includes some swamp, which tends to be a depth of 1 decimeter.

The project of creating an integrated hypsometry/bathymetry data set has run into some difficulties, requiring us to release an interim product. An improved product will follow.

We need to