Theoretical Background
  • Relative roughness mapping
  • Calibration to physical roughness parameters
Application Using
  • HRSC
  • CTX
  • HiRISE
Landing Sites
Scientific Applications
  • Slope Streaks
  • Hebes Chasma
  • Flows on Mars
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This project is funded by the Mars Data Analysis Program (MDAP)

Surface roughness at sub-meter scales remaines unresolved even at the highest available 0.3m/pixel resolution of HiRISE , and is yet a fundamental surface property of the Martian surface and a pivotal consideration in the planning stages of lander missions to Mars.  This website offers support for researchers interested in using the 'two-look' roughness approach described in Mushkin & Gillespie (2005, 2006) to map fine scale surface roughness on Mars.

Surface roughness at Spirits landing site in Gusev crater.

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