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Projects cover a wide range of research interests and geographic locales in the Pacific Northwest and around the world (and on Mars). Also see a list of lab facilities and major research projects.

Pacific Northwest

The diverse environments of the Pacific Northwest provide an ideal natural laboratory for investigations of fluvial geomorphology, biogeomorphology, and landscape evolution. Current studies are focusing on the physiographic evolution of the Cascade Range, controls on the morphology of headwater streams, and the environmental history of Puget Sound rivers.

Puget Sound

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Eastern Himalaya

Field work in the Eastern Himalaya are addressing the role of glacial outburst flooding on the evolution of the Tsangpo River gorge and the geotectonic development of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis.

Preliminary photo gallery from 2008 India fieldwork

Erosion potential of the Himalayas

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Ongoing studies at Mount Pinatubo are addressing the styles and time scales of river recovery from the catastrophic 1991 eruption that filled river valleys with >200 m of pyroclastic debris.

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Analysis of new laser altimetry data and high-resolution photographic images are addressing the formation of Martian outflow channels and the evolution of Martian landscapes.

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Current studies are exploring sediment transfer processes from the Andes to the Amazon basin and carbon sequestration in sediments deposited in the Andea n foreland.

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